The Iron Kingdoms Redux!

Welcome to an anachronistic take on infernal-punk fantasy! The Iron Kingdoms Redux is a 4th edition alternate setting for the world created by Privateer Press in 2001. Please check out the wiki for important differences from standard IK material. None of this material is meant to infringe on their ownership of the original work that this setting is a derivative of. Large parts have been re-written to have different flavor and the timeline has been completely revised.

The setting has been tweaked to borrow elements from other well established 4th edition material (the Forgotten Realms and Eberron specifically) as well as some play test material from the 4th edition conversion site: Bodged Together . All of that creative material is the sole property of the original artists, writers and fellow gamers (many thanks to Volin for his permission to re-use some of the material from their great site).

Next Session

Next Date Length Location Confirmed?
—> Monday, May 10th 6:30pm 3.5 hours Joel’s Tentative
Monday, May 3rd 7:00pm 3 hours Joel’s Yes
Friday, Apr 30th 7:00pm 6 hours Jay’s FAIL
Friday, Apr 23rd 7:00pm 6 hours Jay’s Yes
Friday, Apr 12th 7:00pm 5 or 6 hours Joel’s Yes
Friday, Mar 19th 7:00pm 4 hours Sam’s Yes
Friday, Mar 5th 7:00pm 5 hours Jay’s Yes
Friday, Feb 26th 7:00pm 5 hours Joel’s Yes
The current party consists of:

Iron Kingdoms Redux

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