This timeline uses the common Cygnaran calendar (described earlier). Dates center around the signing of the Treaty of Corvis that marks the beginning of the current age. Dates in italics are approximate, dates in bold are verifiably accurate by multiple sources; otherwise, the dates is simply the most widely accepted by academics.

The Summer of Dragons

Year Highlight Detail
-9700 formation of the Dragon Empire There are artifacts of the great draconic empire of the ancient world that date back at least this far.
-4500 Draconic Civil War Perhaps 5000 years ago, a great civil war resulted in the death of many of the dragons of the ancient world.
-3200 Wars of the Hammer & Claw The rise of the Dwarven kingdoms leads to territorial conflict as Dragons and their Dragonborn warriors clash with the stalwart Dwarves in epic battle for the mountainous regions.

The Autumn of Elvenkind

-2750 Elven Refugees This period begins with the arrival of the Elven refugees on Immoren from some other remote part of Caen.
-2500 Reckoning of Menoth The Church of Menoth is widely recognized as the primary church of men.
-1734 Cryx is formed Lord Toruk brutally seizes the island region and forms the nation of Cryx, in a few years he has repatriated a large population of vagabond Dragonborn.
-1500 Age of the Thousand Cities The city-states of Immoren enter a bloody period of continuous civil conflict in battles for resources and territory.
-1402 Ancient Caspia is founded Though in a state of perpetual war, the great Library at Caspia is constructed and a short age of reason begins.
-1287 Ascension of Morrow and Thamar Morrow and Thamar ascend to the Star Realm – almost immediately churches are founded across the central city-states.
-1200 The Age of Piracy
-1132 The Menothian Crusade Realizing that their power is in decline, Menothian faithful begin persecuting followers of Morrow, Thamar and Dhunia. Unsuccessful, the Crusade lasts about 12 years and leaves the followers of Menoth sapped of the will to continue fighting.

The Winter of the Orgoth

-1032 Orgoth Invasion The arrival of the first Orgoth longboats on the shore of Immoren mark the start of a millennium of strife.
-1011 Ancient Caspia is razed There is a significant body of evidence that establishes this date precisely. Most of the libraries contents survive destruction by being smuggled out of Caspia by “The Guild”.
-995 Orgoth Rule is Established Details are scarce during this period.
-47 Rebellion & Emergence of Cyriss Which came first? Worship of Cyriss is concurrent with the beginning of the Rebellion.
-2 Battle at Berck In a battle featuring many constructs, sorcerers and warlocks the Orgoth are decisively defeated. The primary Orgoth naval yard at Berck is utterly destroyed and about half of the occupational army is wiped out. The Orgoth retreat begins and will last almost two full years.

A Clockwork Spring

1 Treaty of Corvis Before territorial battles could begin again, the major players in the rebellion sign the Treaty of Corvis.
97 Caspia reborn The city begins rebuilding on the site of Ancient Caspia.
221 1st Pact of Rhul The first Dwarven trade pact for natural resources is signed with Khador and Llael.
275 2nd Pact of Rhul The Dwarven trade pact is extended to Cygnar and Ord and amended to included trade of alchemical, mechanikal and natural resources. This trade pact exists to this day.
333 Llael vs. Ios Llael skirmishes into Ios territory are brutally repelled by the Elves.
440 Ord Grozzel Baird becomes King of Ord.
478 Khador Ellyn Vanar XXI succeeds her Mother as Queen of Khador.
482 Cygnar Civil War The conflict results in the formation of the break away Protectorate of Menoth. The weakened state of Cygnar makes it possible for Vinter Raelthorne IV to seize power in 484.
491 Ord Allund Baird of Ord takes the throne in Ord.
494 Llael Lord Deyar Jebryn IX is made Prime Minister of Llael.
501 Raelthorne’s Madness Leto Raelthorne dethrones Vinter on the basis of Vinter’s unspeakably cruel rule. A year later, Vinter escapes captivity and disappears.
503 Campaign Start Date Our game begins as the winter solstice approaches.


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