Research and Rumors

Boats in Corvis Harbour

The anarchy of the longest night has driven out many good boats. The Watch has counted that six are still in port. A few remain however:
  • The Dame Eloise – 30’ very fit looking boat
  • Otter III – 25’ fast river craft, but damaged in the Longest Night chaos
  • Old Stonesides – 50’ Dwarven ship
  • HMSV King Leto – cannon equipped ship of the kingdom
  • Comet – 40’ wooden steamer
  • Kleavar – 80’ cargo vessel, captained by an Ogrun
  • 4 smaller steamers the name of which is not known

Cult of Cyriss

Two Dwarven Artificers that missed the excitement have just returned from the river system north of Corvis. They report seeing a group of Humans, dressed with marking of Cyriss headed into the delta on a steam powered boat.

Fireblade Assassins

This young cult society is made up of rogues who take the final step toward a path of evil by learning the secret fireblade technique. It is only taught to an initiate who agrees to murder for money and can prove that they’ve followed through.

The great power of the technique is how to channel hate through a blade to produce a magical burst of fire to use when committing foul murder. Their leader is a secretive man known only as Edgeburn.


Of all the reptilian creatures yet cataloged by the Corvis University the North Cygnaran Gatormen are perhaps the largest and most dangerous. Thankfully they are also the rarest. They will defend their territory fearlessly often marking the edge of their territory with the skulls of previous trespassers. It is fortunate that they tend to stay in the more remote off-shoots of the Black River (called the Hidden Lakes territory). While savage, they are possessed of an intelligence – perhaps a cunning? – and can be bargained with. Travelers who must pass through their swampy territory can often negotiate safe passage by trading good quality weapons and equipment that the Gatormen cannot manufacture. Failure to come prepared for either barter or combat is a recipe for disaster.

Haunted Trees?

Farmers east of town have been talking that there is a tree they think is haunted.


Legend tells that the old Orgoth period gold mine of the area can still be found in the wetlands east of the Black River if one isn’t scared of facing the mine monster – a creature known as the Voorie.

Old-timer Miners and Fishermen talk about how since the Voorie moved in, you can’t fish or prospect in the wetland area safely after dark or too early in the dawn without running the risk of becoming a snack for the creature.

Research and Rumors

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