Devices of the World

Technology doesn’t replace swords and sorcery, it works with it. —Evik Gearknuckle, Gobber Artificer

The work of the Artificer has brought great and terrible things to the lands of Immoren. A gun doesn’t reload fast enough to out-date swords, or even bows. Steamers (boats) and railwagon transportation is focused highly on commerce, being too expensive, unreliable and not spread extensively enough to replace the horse.

The current designs for steamjacks are not as large or impressive as those from the time of the rebellion. Newer designs are smaller and though they require constant maintenance by specialized Artificers, are beginning to see use as main forces. Improvements in weaponry continue to point toward further adoption of these mechanized soldiers.

All large mechanikal things that use steam power require a material known as mage coal in order to function. This dense rare material is consumed as fuel by mechanika and so must be replenished (see cost to run stats for each device).

  • Kontrapshuns
    • Aether Lighting
    • Patterns (and Schemas)
    • Pipes and Pumps
    • Tymeclocks
  • Weapons
    • Arcane Cannons
    • Elemental Weapons
    • Long Guns
    • Pistols

Also see Alchemy, Relics of the Rebellion.

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Devices of the World

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