Castas Korr

A young warrior with a harrowed past


Stats are current as of Feb 23rd 2010.

  • HP: 54
  • HP Bloodied: 27
  • Surge Value: 13 @ 12/day
  • Speed: 5
  • Initiative: 3
  • AC: 21
  • Fort: 19
  • Ref: 16
  • Will: 13
Trained skills:
  • Athletics(9)
  • Endurance(8)
  • Heal(7)
  • Streetwise(7)

Weapons/Armor on person at current:

Warhammer | Shortsword | Shortbow & Quiver | Heavy Shield | Scale Mail


Current as of March 11th 2010

File Record #: FK-917
From the Office of the Mayor of Fellig in the Country of Cygnar
  • Given name: Castas
  • Surname: Korr
  • Age: 19 winters
  • Language Spoken: Cygnarian, Molgar

Young Castas was born in the year 484 After the Rebellion on the 6th Month, 19th day. Born to peasant farmer parents, Castas was raised as normal as a boy should. However, in the 10th Month of the year 496 AR their family farm was attacked and sacked by Cataran Barbarians. Young Castas survived as he was in the village proper that day running an errand for his mother.

Upon returning to the farm, it was burnt down. Initial reports from the Militia at the time were able to identify only 2 persons (deceased) at the scene. Later identified as his mother and father. His younger sister’s body was never recovered. It is not known if she was sold into slavery or killed later.

After then he was looked after by the Church of Morrow. During a short duration, it is not known how or why the young man took an interest in the mace and sword arts; Note: Assumption is based towards revenge. However he does not let rage over take him. The Church has taught him restraint and the respect for life.

The local militia let him train with them, and he has since become formidable in his own right for one so young and inexperienced. He has been given the authority by the town of Fellig to complete jobs within and around its’ areas for pay.


Mayor of Fellig

(Writings of Castas Korr)

It has been 7 winters since I stumbled upon the burning farm house that I shared with my Mother father and younger sister. I can still smell the smoke from the remains of the house. Mother had sent me to town to go trade our old Heffer to the slaughterhouse. Usually Father would have done that but he was busy in the fields, sheep had been going missing and he said it would no doubt just be a beast feeding. How wrong we were..

It was Barbarian doings apparently. On their long trek elsewhere. The sheriffs told me that they lost their trail. After the search of home all we could find were the remains of my Mother and Father. My sister whom was only four was never found. That means they took her. I will find her, regardless of my own self to have some kin again. As the last male of the family it is my duty.

As luck would have it, the Church of Morrow took me in, and I found solace from my rage for a time. It was with little thought though that I sought teachings of the militiamen in Fellig. They were kind enough to let a boy sit and watch them train. They even taught me how to handle a shield and a sword. I kept at my bow practice as my father taught me that to hunt rabbits on the homestead. It wasn’t till I had been learning for a year that I found the weapon I would call my own. A warhammer. It is albeit heavier than a sword but it will cause damage all the same. It fit my arm like it was made to be wielded by me. It was not long where I would be able to take down men better than myself. It was after then that I petitioned the Church, and the Town to allow me to take up odd protectorate jobs.

That works for a time, but does there seems to be something that I need to do elsewhere, like my life is not with this area. That is why I have taken this body guard job with my companions. This seems to have an eerie pull to it and prompts me I must go. By the Twins may this be the lead I need to find the answer; maybe I will even find a tale or a whisper more about my sister. I can hope she is still alive..

Castas Korr

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