Elven Cleric


Radient damage Ranged primary Healing Leadership

Longsword Implement Rod


Ariana is an elf of the forests of Ios. A cleric of no small import to her people. She ventures out of the forests in desperation, drawn by the evil she feels growing in the Kingdoms of men. Her Gods are dying, and the only clue she has is the horrible feeling of death… or undeath, in the West.

She is a flighty individual when it comes to matters other than her primary goals. She is hot tempered and overly joyous just as readily as neutral and aloof. She has had no previous experience with human kind and does not fully understand or trust anyone of any race but would implicitly trust any elf, potentially to a fault.

Her unwillingness to be distracted and her distrust of other races led to her near ruin. Her search had been fruitless save for hints from many forest creatures to follow the river. Days into her journey, she roamed the western river bank leading south into a large walled city of men (she did not know the name for she had not talked to anyone since arriving). She had taken to walking aimlessly, letting the thoughts of her living gods guide her. A dark thought formed in her mind as she stopped to spend the night along the edge of a forest (she always preferred to stay near the trees if given chance). The thought pierced her mind and she followed it like a sharp demand. It drew her to a beach where a portion of the bank fell inward and water ran freely from the river into the hole that had formed. A quick appraisal of the cavern revealed an underground path leading in the direction of the city. No rest tonight.

Wishing to avoid the necessity of conversation with the misleading human guardsmen, this path seemed extremely fortuitous to have discovered but Ariana was cautious, not completely trusting the feeling that had driven her here. Once inside, the air felt heavier and the light from her sun rod seemed somehow dampened by the air around her. It stank of death and gore in masses only possible if someone were to attempting to stockpile it. The dark feeling in her mind had grown the closer she had come to this place and now once inside, the feeling was almost crushing. A terror grew inside her that she had not felt since her first time tapping her healing energies. A feeling of smallness so great that her mind could no longer be contained by her body. Something powerful was here. It was stunning not only in it’s power but it’s polar opposition to the emotions that usually went with this type of power. Where her power felt strengthened by a wish to protect and heal others, this felt strengthened by anger and hate tainted through and through with the need for revenge. She was also confused by another emotion that was just as strong as the others but hidden deeply under the others. Loneliness. Like that of a child torn from his mothers arms, never to be held again. This is what had drawn her here.

Carefully threading her way through the rubble strewn ground of the channel, she tried to be as silent as possible despite the slight amount of water that was now filling the passage way from the hole near the river. The steady noise of the water flowing in was the only reason she felt confident moving at all now that she knew how close she was to the source of the feeling. This is what the creatures of the world had felt and had directed her to. And, she assumed, that this is what had been felt as far away as Ios and had begun her journey.


She silenced her sun rod and waited pressed up against the wall, wedging comfortingly against a tree root that had dug its way tenaciously down to the moist ground beneath the cavern floor. Fortunate to be sure, as the root provided the only source of visual concealment for many full grown oak lengths along the tunnel. With her eyes growing quickly accustomed to the low light provided by the door that had just slammed open further down the corridor, she saw the first of what would be many clues on her quest.

It’s feet were turned inward, pointing at one another as if chatting about the consistency of the leather in which they were both bound. The beast shambled out of the doorway and the light increased giving Ariana a better view of the monsters shape. It appeared to be pieced together from parts of many different humans. There were pieces that were clearly male as well as female, both horribly tinted a shade of death she had never seen before. The blasphemy turned away from her and the silhouette of the head caused a hot rage to boil over. The ears were pointed!

She drew away from the root covered wall and stalked up behind the monster, silently drawing the longsword she had trained with since she was old enough to hold it. Her elbow pulled back making the blade and her arm directly in line as she drove forward. Her aim was true as she noticed thrust the sword clean through the neck of the thing. It tried to growl but the sword blocked what remained of it’s windpipe, not allowing any sound to escape as she grabbed hold of it and slowly lowered it to the ground.

Ariana pulled her blade free and began to slow her breathing. This hateful creature should never have existed. She began searching for clues as to the origins of the monster when she realized, through her returning calm, that she had run past the doorway the monster had exited. In her rage she had not even taken a cursory glance through it to see if other horrors awaited. Despite this realization, she was in no hurry to check as her attention was absorbed by the manner in which the creature had been sewn together. On closer inspection it appeared as if there was patchy thread work on every seam where one creature had been attached to another but the skin had healed as if by magic and the threads remained only as a reminder where flesh had once been separate. This was dark magic to be sure. And the combination of human and elf in this manner made her sick enough to want to tear the dead creature apart into it’s proper sections.

The sword master had told her that her rage was a weapon to be used against the enemy but must be tempered to work for the wielder. She had always failed in the latter case. This weakness was her downfall, as her senses were distracted as a small dark haired girl stepped silently from the doorway and began walking in her direction. Her ears twitched as the girls hands raised from her sides, rubbing the fabric as they came up. Her head snapped around and she began a leap from her crouched position. He legs were only half extended when a dark wave hit her on the right side and engulfed her body. Every inch the wave touched was set afire with such a dreadful cold that it appeared hot at the same time. Yet it was neither flame nor ice than enveloped her. As she impacted the ground with her left flank and shoulder her eyes traced lessening waves of darkness moving along her body and disappearing beneath the skin. Unable to move, she followed a wisp that billowed into a shape that reminded her of a tree snake as it dove into the upraise palm on her unmoving right hand. Her vision blurred and as the edges of her vision began to fill with what seemed to be the same blackness that surrounded her body, she noticed the girl who stood over her and the horrible shadows that seemed to emanate from her hands.

She had found her source, but she had not prepared herself for the desecration that was to be her enemy. Her rage had blinded her and now her entire people would suffer for her failure. As her vision narrowed, more creatures shambled out of the doorway in her direction.

Vistra – Is seen as the only person in the current party who isn’t single minded in her pursuit of her goals. She appears balanced and wholly good to Ariana.

Castas Korr – Is seen as what one would expect from a human. Mindless in his bravery and foolish in his resolve to do good, no matter the cost. Ariana sees Castas as a fitting shield to put in front of her enemies.

Devis – Is seen as the embodiment of Ariana’s dislike of the outside world. Demonic in appearance and in what appears to be constant mental turmoil, he is not what Ariana would consider a trustworthy ally. A chance shifting of his hooded robe and certain aspects of his character has confirmed to Ariana his half-elf origin. This one should be kept at arms length.

Dobber – Is an entertaining fellow with a disturbing streak to match any of the aged elf chasers of the forest. Ariana sees his simple ways as a relaxing change from the seriousness of the remaining party but still does not wish to spend a great deal of time getting to know him. His machine fetish is most disturbing.


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