Iron Kingdoms Redux

The Preparations

(The internal monologue of Castas Korr)

The city seems quieter now, even though it should be reveling in the Festival of the Longest Night; the trauma of an attack killed the merriment for the moment. The citizens of Corvis however are a resilient people; and I expect them to be in full party swing by the evening bells.

We’ve secured passage for ourselves on the boat the Fortune captained by a man named Squint. He will stay in the city for a day more, on our behest. Our plan is as such to go and try to find something to barter the Gatormen with. Hopefully our friend Julian Helstrom will have recovered some arms from the attack.

Now on towards a days’ journey to the ‘Black Tree’ a supposedly haunted tree that is a danger to all. We hope we can shed some light on this mystery.



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