Iron Kingdoms Redux

The Longest Night (Acts I and II)

A young girl's plot for vengeance is uncovered

Acts; The First & The Second

(Voice of Father Samud) The last week has been a veritable nightmare! It started with these reports of grave robberies – what foul act! I had Snoddy keep a list of names and places as reported by my congregation, I tried to keep the stories from reaching the children, I tried not to look at the list.

Three nights ago, Gunner Wadock arrived with a small group of able hands, numbering 4. Fortuitously I was able to enlist them to help me investigate the grave robbery business, handy since the watch wouldn’t take it seriously, and I felt unable. They proved very capable; quickly coming back to me with evidence that the whole thing is be related to the transgressions of my troubled sister-in-law, Lexaria Ciannor, almost a decade ago.

The news was heartbreaking – I denied that I knew, the truth – maybe deep down I suspected… but now it was only important to keep Alexia from learning what’s been going on. She has seemed distant as of late, and now I can’t ever find her when I seek her out.

The adventuring band that I’ve taken into the church continues to pull back the veil on what seems a terrible dark secret that refuses to stay hidden.


(Voice of Castas Korr) It has been a little over a week since we reached Corvus from Fellig. The trip itself was not notable except for a minor Gobber attack. It is these last few days we have been in Corvus that seems to be the beginning of something almost sinister. After hearing a request for assistance from the resident leader of the Church of Morrow, one Father Samud, my companions and I seem to have started to find things that are not right. The good Father asked for our assistance in regards to investigating the thefts of tombs, bodies missing and the like. Apparently the watch couldn’t handle it. Upon looking into it we seem to have started to uncover more and more. It wasn’t until we found the link. The people being dug up were all related to a Witch Trial years ago. We ended up visiting the ‘Witches Tomb’ the burial place of the witches. It was nothing like we imagined. Though my hammer got some use on the skulls of undead creatures. It seems there is a girl somewhere raising the dead. Only time will tell us why, but for now I feel we must bring this back to the honorable Father. I just hope we aren’t too late.

The Longest Night (Acts I and II)

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