Iron Kingdoms Redux

The Longest Night (Act III)

Chaos in the streets of Corvis

Act III; Part the Second

(Voice of a reveler) Oyi! What the blimey hell is goin’ on? A bit of drinkin and dink and dunkin goin on and now a riot! Bloody hell all over the streets, streets and canals, canals and people meets undead all along the waterfronts.

To the Church! A safer place none can be found, Father Samud as the power o-the-holy in ‘em he has, and will save us. Across the last bloody covered bridge and a bang sets the stone of it into the water.

(Voice of Tracy, a ward of the Church) The festival started t’nite and i’z expecting people to be silly and dressin up weird, but from my windows I can see more than just that! Looks like those terrible tales of the dark times that the Father is always preaching about out there…



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