Iron Kingdoms Redux

The Longest Night (Act III)

The Disappearance of Julian Helstrom

Act III; Part the First

(Voice of Julian Helstrom, Caption of the Watch, North-station, Corvis) I write these words on the back of a false confession in a cell of the secret police. I will not sign their confession – instead I shall recount the activity as of late, and hope that some sane judge that is not part of our civic conspiracy will hear me out.

Two afternoons past, as I visited the grave of my dear wife, I chanced across a small group of variably skilled freelances working for the good prelate of the Church of Morrow, Father Pandor Samud. I was able to determine that they were following up on leads I had specifically been instructed to ignore. I put a watch citizen on them immediately.

Through them, I was able to uncover a potential threat – a young witch bent on destruction of the city for some unknown purpose. Their group was a mixed bunch… but extremely effective, and I asked them to continue to follow leads. Separately I had learned that there was activity of a foul sort afoot at Fort Rhyker. I located the group last thing in the evening, and by morning they had set out to assess any possible threat to the city.

When they returned, it was with ghastly tales of an undead army preparing to march into the city! Who is responsible for this? A girl, a pretty slip of a thing, named Alexia… some niece of the prelate’s no less! And why were my sincere efforts to thwart such an attack on the city being met with such resistance? Why had preparations for the Festival of the Longest Night proceeded without caution? With this knowledge of a credible threat, and the identity of the girl responsible known, it was time to demand action from the mayor.

And lo, what a terrible mistake was the decision to enter the halls of government and make our case. Present in those halls was the vazir to the mayor, a dangerous man I had previously avoided. Our story fell deaf upon the ears of all present, and that vazir called for us to be seized. SEIZED! In the halls of the city I had sworn to protect with my life!

There was little could be done. Two of that able bodied group who accompanied me to the city chambers were taken away to be locked away, while I have been dragged to this foul place with a hood over my head. I know where this place is, this is the barracks of the vazir’s secret police, a secretive organizations who’s true purpose I am beginning to learn.

But, what is that sound I hear outside now!? How terrible is the nightmare that threatens our city? Is it finally upon us?


(Voice of Castas Korr) On the trail of this slip of a girl we managed to find out that this trouble seems to revolve around the Father Samud’s niece. When we found her, we also found an Elf in a hole! An Elf! She seems a good sort, though I’ve never had the opportunity to see one up close before. I am never one to refuse help when there are lives on the line.

By the Twins! If today couldn’t get any worse. We had set out for Fort Rhyker at first light, with horses and a cart from the Captain of the North Guard Julian Hellstrom. What we saw was nothing short of disturbing, skeletons and other creatures were digging in the field pulling bodies from the ground. We managed to get into the Fort and up enough to find actual proof, her own Journal. Upon further investigation we managed to see her empowering her lieutenants with an army, we can only speculate, approximately 300 or more strong. However, we did give her a surprise when the kegs of powder blew up a score of her army inside the Fort. She however escaped just as we ran to inform Captain Hellstrom about the army advancing. Leaving with him to inform the mayor of this catastrophe, before we were arrested; all for informing the Mayor and the Vazir of the matter. Our companions came to get myself and my warlock friend, however now I fear for not only our lives but for everyone else in the city as we stand in the street hearing echoes of screams, gunfire amidst fires in city. Sometimes people say people should go to Hell; Well I think Hell just came to us, and it brought guests, undead guests.

The Longest Night (Act III)

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