Iron Kingdoms Redux


Fear of my own good nature.

(from the mind of Ariana as she awaits the return of her companions from the docks)

I don’t know what I expected to happen since joining these beings. Being a mixed lot it is hard at times to tell who believes what and who I can trust. Overall, everyone seems to want to do what appears to be “the right thing”. This heartens and concerns me.

To be among those few in this time that truly believe they should protect others above themselves is an honor and a joy that I did not expect to find so far from Ios. To see beings of other races willing to risk their lives for a human city has changed my initial impressions of a few of them. Also the skill and grace in which they have handles these incredible situations has humbled me greatly, though I dare not appear so in their presence. Even the half-elf has impressed me, despite how I feel about every being of that particular disgusting breed.

I worry because with the desire to do good, comes the raised chance of distraction. Those who wish to help others may wish to do too many things that do not take me towards my goal. I do not know the haste that my task requires but I do know that every foe we vanquish takes from me and my people a vital sliver of time. Time we may not have. The fate of my entire race may depend on me keeping this group of ‘saviors’ on the path forward.

What worries me the most is that I find myself believing in the value of these distractions at times. Mostly because of the trust and respect I have developed for this rather odd group of fools, fiends and friends. I pray to my living gods that I have made the right choice by staying with them.



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