Iron Kingdoms Redux

Into the Bayou

Up The Bayou With Just A Steamship

The Swampie Village

A dreaded swamp shambler and several grave diggers attacked the swampie village, setting two buildings ablaze – but why those two buildings?. After a deadly combat with the monsterous creature and the zombies, Vistra and Kastas helped the village while Devis douche-nozzled it out (along with Arianna) on the steam ship.

With the fires put out, Vistra and Kastas got some well deserved sleep and by mid-morning the party was heading off deeper into the delta.

Steaming Further…

With day 2 drawing to a close, the good ship Fortune came across a felled tree that blocked a 40’ wide bayou passage leading to more open waters. Swamp Gobbers laid the wood to block the path in hopes to catch some prey given that they had seen a ship come by previously.

As Devis and Castas put in action their plan to wrap rope around the tree and pull it out of the way using the steam engines on the Fortune, the Gobbers let loose their crossbow ambush. Minor wounds were sustained, but the ship was able to navigate past the block and back into deeper free waters.

“It’s deeper here, and we’re a good distance from any shoreline,” Squint declared. “I say we stop here and wait till dawn to make the final leg.” As the chain dropped over the side, the group arranged watches. “I hope your eyes are good, so we can keep anything from comin’ aboard while we sleep.”



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