Iron Kingdoms Redux

Below the Church of Morrow

Ghosts of the ancient church are appeased

(from the mind of the ghosts)

For so long we have waited in darkness, forlorn and robbed of what is truly ours. Thieves and plunderers took that once brilliant beacon of light from the hand of Morrow. Now we dwell in this pitch black place and wait for a chance to take revenge!

If we can put the beacon back in it’s rightful place, there are many other items less valuable that should be taken back to the world so the light of Morrow can shine across the lands. A terrible time of darkness is dangerously close to being realized and Morrow’s light is needed now more than ever…

DM’s Narrative

Dobber, Devis and Castas head to the docks to negotiate passage on a ship.

Squints Travel Estimates:
  • 2 days to the delta, maxing out the Fortune
  • would like to spend 3 days to get up
  • bring 30 GP of trade for the Gatormen
  • the Fortune will cost 2GP per day, plus fuel costs (a base of 20 GP)



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