Iron Kingdoms Redux

The Longest Night (Act III)

The final battle at the Church of Morrow

(DM Narrative) ...

Hundreds of undead beset Corvis and stormed through the streets and canals trying to reach the Church of Morrow. Great seals, in place for years were sundered under the fire of arcane cannon shot. Through the longest nights sky, Alexia and her most powerful undead companions streaked toward their goal: the resting place of Lexaria Ciannor.

Once the first volley of shots had crumbled the decade old seal of Lexaria’s crypt, Alexia dove into the rubble to claim her prize. To her surprise, not only was Lexaria there, but so too was the weapon used to slay her a decade ago. When Alexia gripped the hilt, it had a strange and exhilarating vibration to it that she immediately recognized as eldritch and dangerous.

But what was this? Was this truly what she wanted? Hadn’t the city suffered enough? Yes, yes it had, and having her revenge was not as sweet as she thought – the sword almost caused her pain as she considered abandoning her goal. The sensation was suddenly driven to the back of her mind by an arcane lightning blast of considerable force. Her mind flashed back to the present and all thoughts of gentle acquiescence disappeared – who DARED to strike her while she contemplated her victory? A foul wizard!

The shadowy figure stood opposite her and spoke: “give me the sword witch, take your mother and leave this place.” Ah, the sword… yes, Alexia knew now that it was important, but why? Her hands pulsed with power she had not previously known and when she lashed out at the wizard her hordes of undead responded immediately as if they were directly controlled by her every thought. As the wizard fought off the clawing creatures, he caught a glimpse of Dobber approaching. He called to the gobber: “do not let her escape with the sword! She will go to the Temple of Cyriss!” Through his shouts, the fight raged on variously, and the throng easily overpowered the him. Behind him Alexia could see other interlopers entering the fray, an insipid Elf cleric she recognized and some Dwarf woman.

She must escape, and there was no way she planned to turn this sword over to some wizard and his mercenaries. As the undead continued to claw at the Wizard, he suddenly vanished in a small plume of soot and ash; while his mercenaries, particularly one Gobber Artificer, harassed her further. “Stop,” she called out, “and I shall end this nightmare that has beset Corvis!” With a wave of her hand most of the horde fell to pieces, and Alexia called her remaining Shadow-Witch to her side and fled the scene just as she had come through the darkest night.

Fires continued to burn in areas of the city, but the undead army was no more. The few remaining creatures that Alexia did not dismiss were easily put down by the remaining guards and unlucky adventurers who happened to be in town to celebrate. Thankfully, casualties had been fairly light due to some clever thinking to destroy some of the horde outside the city gates. Thankfully the Mayor survived, and it would be up to him to get the situation in the city righted quickly.


(Account of Devis found on small scraps of paper scattered around his room)

Here follows the personal account of Devis on the longest night.

The tower he had sought out in hopes of ending this terrible plague that is slowly emerging was met with much less success then my companions and I had hoped. The numbers of undead we found there were beyond horrifying. However, this was only the start to indeed the longest night. On our return to Corvis Julian was more the helpful and cooperative. It is the mayor that raises great concern. As we attempted to warn the mayor of the oncoming doom we were accused of treason by the foul vizir who speaks lies into the mayors ear. I could sense a vile magical control over the mayor. I have no proof without further study but I suspect the vizir is behind this. He must be working with that witch Alexia. Castas and I were separated from Julian and placed into prison. Luckily our companions can searching for us and were able to negotiate our escape. As we returned to the church I was also handed the most amazing device I had ever held in my hands. A rod that radiated a holy power. For the first time in years I can not remember the never ending fire that clutches my soul was subsided. I had a renewed feeling of freshness and energy and was ready to face the oncoming onslaught on my own. My companions and I decided that the mayor was not deserving of his death and we sought his rescue. A few good men had to die but the mayor was saved. Unfortunately his lack of any backbone and I am sure the hold the vizir has on him caused him to flee as soon as the true enemy started to appear. I can only guess as to his whereabouts now. Our fight back to the church was nothing short of heroic. With the radiant powers of the rod and my allies by my side we pushed our way through wave after wave of undead hordes. Eventually reaching the church just in time to save farther Samud from near certain death. My last vivid memories of the battle in the church are that of when the rod crumbled in my hands. As soon as the last piece slipped from my fingers a wave of death and vengeance overwhelmed me. I had no other thoughts then of death to all those against me. The next thing I remember is standing beside a giant hole that had been blown into the side of the church. My companions talk about an inability to reason with me and only the divine damage dealt by my friend Vi was able to wake me up. My companions fought well and showed their true spirit tonight. I sit here feeling that I have all but permanently lost mine. After that glorious rod broke the demons that are the true source of my power returned with a vengeance. I feel their grasp on me is tighter then ever before. I have learnt my lesson. The punishment for disobeying their will is fierce. My will and resolve to resist them fades with each passing day. And the temptation of the true power they can provide me always grows greater. I believe my desire to use my powers to help others does not offend them. The demons do not seem to care about the purpose of my destruction, only that it occurs and that lives are taken. I now wonder if my fate is not to one day rid myself of these creatures, but to embrace them and direct all this great energy to those who deserve the eternal damnation it can bring. My soul will be lost and perhaps one day my sanity, but tonight has shown me that those may not truly be mine to lose anyways.

The Longest Night (Act III)

Do you think he suspects?

No, not yet…

Thankfully that radiant poison is at least blasted


The Longest Night (Act III)

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